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Trademarkwise LLC is an intellectual property law firm dedicated to helping small businesses, brand owners, artists, musicians, writers, and content creators develop, protect, and maintain their trademark, copyright, and brand identity rights.  The firm’s mission is to provide expert legal counsel and superior client service in an accessible, cost-effective, and results-oriented manner.  Trademarkwise® combines the benefits of more than fifteen years of attorney experience in U.S. and international trademark and copyright law with the personalized service, responsiveness, efficiency, and cost savings of a smaller practice.  In addition, with affordable flat fees, Trademarkwise® makes legal budgeting more predictable and manageable for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Trademarkwise® serves clients across the United States and internationally.  To learn more about how Trademarkwise® can help to protect your business name, brand, or creative work, or to schedule a free initial consultation, please call toll-free at 844 4TM WISE, or send an email to info@trademarkwise.com.

carpe tm (kahr-pey tee-em) interj. 1. Latin. seize the trademark (before someone else does)