Today in Architectural History: 8/3

The American Institute of Architects, or “AIA,” is the preeminent professional association for licensed architects in the United States, and on this day fifty-two years ago, its name was first registered as a collective membership mark.  On August 3, 1965, the AIA was granted U.S. Registration Nos. 793831 and 793832 for the marks AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS and AIA.  Both marks were registered for “indicating membership in good standing in applicant,” the “applicant” being a member architect.  Unlike traditional trademarks and service marks, which are used to identify the source of particular goods or services, collective membership marks exist solely to indicate that the user of the mark is a member of a particular organization, such as the AIA.  Interestingly, although the AIA traces its roots back to 1857, the association waited more than a century before finally getting around to registering its name as a collective membership mark, which, one imagines, is quite a bit longer than it would have taken a group called the “American Institute of Trademark Attorneys.”  As the ancient Romans used to say, “Carpe TM!”

By Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via  Wikimedia Commons .

By Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons.