Copyright Law


Copyright is a set of exclusive rights for original works of authorship, such as literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic works.  The exclusive rights protected by copyright law include the right to reproduce the work, prepare derivative works based on the work, distribute the work, and publicly perform or display the work.  Examples of creative works that may be protected by copyright include architectural designs and drawings; audio recordings; audiovisual works such as films and videos; books and writings; comedy routines; compilations of creative works; computer software; drawings; graphical designs; magazines; musical compositions; news articles; paintings; photographs; plays and musicals; poems; sculptures; speeches and presentations; websites; and other original works of authorship.  For more information about copyright from the United States Copyright Office, please click here.

Trademarkwise LLC offers comprehensive copyright prosecution, registration, licensing, dispute resolution, and client counseling services.  David Payne, the firm’s founder and Principal, has more than fifteen years of experience working with artists, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, software developers, writers, and other content creators to protect and secure their creative works.  David also advises clients on intellectual property licensing and contractual issues, and has significant experience drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various types of contracts, including copyright licensing agreements, copyright ownership and work for hire agreements, assignments and transfers of ownership, recording agreements, and nondisclosure agreements.  Moreover, by offering most copyright services on a flat fee basis, Trademarkwise® makes legal budgeting more predictable and affordable for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Trademarkwise® serves clients across the United States and internationally.  To learn more about how Trademarkwise® can help to protect your business name, brand, or creative work, or to schedule a free initial consultation, please call toll-free at 844 4TM WISE, or send an email to

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