The Donald’s TRUMP CARD®?

As The Wall Street Journal Law Blog observed yesterday, “[i]f presidential candidates were judged by the number of trademark applications they file, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would be the hands-down winner.”  In addition to the large number of trademarks owned by his various corporate interests, Trump has filed more than three hundred trademark applications in the United States under his own name as an individual, most of which unsurprisingly either contain or consist solely of the word TRUMP.  Like his self-effacing public persona, Trump’s trademark portfolio practically gleams with humility and understatement, with marks such as THE DONALD, DONALD TRUMP, TRUMPED, TRUMP D’ELEGANCE, TOUR DE TRUMP, OYSTERS TRUMP, TRUMPTINI, PURELY TRUMP, TRUMP CARD, TRUMP POWER, TRUMP MONEY, TRUMP CLASS, TRUMP STYLE, TRUMP TOUCH, TRUMP WORLD, and, of course, YOU’RE FIRED, to name but a few.  Trump’s campaign slogan, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN®, is also a registered trademark, and with Trump being the current front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, the possibility of a direct correlation between trademarks and poll numbers cannot be ruled out.  Only time will tell whether any of the other sixteen Republican candidates will surpass THE DONALD in either category.  From The Wall Street Journal Law Blog.