Hall & Oates & Haulin’ Oats

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Whole Oats Enterprises, a partnership owned by musicians Daryl Hall and John Oates, has sued Early Bird Foods & Co. for trademark infringement over the latter’s use of the HAULIN’ OATS trademark as a brand name for granola products.  The suit, filed in the Eastern District of New York, alleges that in addition to the phonetic equivalence of HAULIN’ OATS to the duo’s colloquial name and common law trademark HALL & OATES, the two musicians also happen to own U.S. Registration No. 4345444 for the mark HAULIN’ OATS for “oatmeal” and “food delivery.”  Whole Oats seeks monetary damages from Early Bird Foods, as well as an injunction to stop the defendant from continuing to use the HAULIN’ OATS mark.  Read the full article here, and the Complaint here.  Reposted from The Hollywood Reporter.