RYEDAY the 13th®

Friday the 13th is considered by many people to be one of the unluckiest days of the year, and some of the more superstitious among us are fearful of even leaving their homes on such a portentous day.  Well, thanks to the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and the well-established scientific principle that alcohol = liquid courage (and that any day that includes beer can’t be all bad), a frothy libation now exists that is undoubtedly up to the task of turning a superstitious frown upside down—RYEDAY the 13th®.  The company’s flagrant and fearless Friday flaunting brings a much-needed measure of mirth to an otherwise woeful day, and if anyone can conceive of a better omen than the recent granting of U.S. Trademark Registration No. 4649156 for the RYEDAY THE 13th mark, this author would like to hear about it.  So come out from under those bedcovers, head to the nearest liquor store, and celebrate Friday with a RYEDAY.  Just be careful not to break the bottle as you step under the ladder to avoid that black cat.

U.S. Registration No.  4649156.

U.S. Registration No. 4649156.


Thanks to Erik Pelton of the IPelton® blog for flagging this one.