Madison Chamber of Commerce Gets New Logo

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce tweeted this week that it is adopting a new logo.  The new logo, shown below, is already featured on the GMCC’s Twitter profile, and one imagines that the organization’s website will soon be updated as well.  The new logo can be seen bursting into action by clicking on the video tweet below.  Interestingly (well, to some), the GMCC does not appear to have sought or secured federal or state trademark protection for either the incoming or outgoing logo design.

Failure to secure trademark protection for a business name, slogan, or logo can potentially result in consumer confusion, a loss of exclusive rights, an inability to prevent others from using similar or identical marks, a forced rebranding for the business, and/or infringement liability, all of which tend to be rather nasty (and expensive) surprises for business owners.  Moreover, almost any legal issue arising from the use of an unregistered mark will likely cost more to resolve than the cost of securing protection for the mark.  Trademarks can be tremendously valuable assets, but much of their value lies in the ability to protect and enforce them.  Business owners should bear this in mind before making significant investments in their brands.